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Grand General Agency

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We Make Writing Flood Insurance Easy

We take the hassle out of writing flood insurance! We'll run the flood zone determination, we'll do the quote, we'll prepare the app, we'll issue the policy - all on your behalf.

You can email or fax us a quote request form, or if you need a quote immediately for a closing, you can give us a call. Once we receive the request, we will order the flood zone determination, issue the quote, and even issue the policy the same day* (if the risk doesn't have to be reviewed by the company).

Call us today or visit our flood page if you have any questions.

*There is a 30-day wait on policies that aren't for a loan closing.

Selling High Value Homeowners Insurance

Do you have customers with high value homes, expensive vehicles, large personal property schedules, yachts, or multiple/seasonal homes? Protect their investments with a High Value Homeowners policy.

Let your affluent customers know that a standard homeowners policy might not offer enough coverage for them.  A policy through Chubb offers full replacement cost on the home, replacement cost for contents, a cash settlement option , broad coverage, and options tailor made for affluent customers.

Seek out places where affluent customers may be, such as, yacht clubs, country clubs, ski resorts, motorhome dealerships, realtors, etc.  Ask if you can leave your business card.  Get referrals from current customers or friends.

We want you to be successful, let us help you!

How to Sell Workers' Compensation Insurance

There are a few simple and easy things you can do to sell a Workers' Compensation policy.  Not only will this help you sell, but it will also give your customers confidence in you.

  1. Educate yourself about the Workers' Compensation product.  Customers will appreciate it when you can answer the difficult questions.
  2. Don't chase rates, guide your customers to the coverage they need.  This is where your knowledge of the product will come in handy.
  3. Ask your customers questions, such as:  Do you have a written safety plan? Do you have an established 'return to work' program?  What exactly are your employee's job duties and responsibilities?  If your customer didn't think of these things, this will help them know what is important to have.
  4. Go to businesses in your area and ask if they have a Workers' Compensation policy.  Every business should have one.
  5. Call us and let us walk you through the process.  1-800-869-2022

What is EPLI and Why Is It Needed?

Regardless of size, the likelihood a business will suffer an employment practices claim is higher than ever. Litigation can include, but is not limited to, allegations of workplace discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation and violations of wage and hour laws.  A comprehensive Employment Practices Liability policy is designed to help protect your business against the growing costs to defend these sometimes-frivolous lawsuits and cover damages such as settlements, judgments and verdicts. Access to free risk management services is included with this insurance, which will help you prevent employment-related claims before they take place.

Claim Examples:

An insurance agency settled for $80,000 with a Non-Exempt Customer Service Representative for unpaid overtime.  The CSR was paid $20/hour by the agency and never complained about her workload. Frequently, she was asked to come in early for conference calls and to stay late at the end of the month to ensure that all policies were billed prior to month end close. Without having any knowledge of any wrongdoing, the owner was served with an FLSA lawsuit from the CSR who had been quietly tracking her hours worked. The agency had no way of knowing whether her calculations were accurate and was advised by counsel to immediately settle for the requested amount.

Internet/Email Liability: An employee who intended to email a pornographic joke to only a single recipient accidentally pressed the wrong button, sending the off-color joke to the company's entire workforce. The employer made the employee send a follow-up email apologizing to the workforce. Two months later, during a company downsizing, an employee sued for a hostile work environment and used the email as evidence. 

These are only two very real examples. There are countless possible scenarios. Every business, even those without employees, need EPLI. Vendors can successfully sue you because of a "hostile work environment" if they're offended by something in your office.

You can protect yourself, and your clients, by answering just a few questions. Click Here for an EPLI quote request form.