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Evolution of a Risk - Vacant Property

How our products can help your insureds at each step.

Vacant Land

We insure vacant land up to 1,000 acres. This includes vacant land with ponds or lakes up to 25 acres each, and we do not require these properties to be fenced.

Land Leased to Others

We cover land leased to others. We will accept land with a variety of uses including equipment storage, vehicle parking, auto lot sales, animal grazing, hunting, crop farming and athletic fields.

Builder's Risk

If your insured decides to build on their premise, we will consider property limits up to $3,000,000 and write the policy for the full duration of construction.

Construction & Premises Protective/Owner Acting as General Contractor

Does your insured need coverage for a renovation project or general liability for new construction? We will consider risks with projects being performed by the insured or by one general contractor.

Vacant Buildings

Once construction is complete or an occupied risk becomes fully or partially vacant, we can still offer coverage. This includes vacant dwelling, vacant condo units and vacant leased spaces as well. Short-term and annual policies have either a 25 percent minimum earned premium or no minimum earned premium, and there is no restriction on the length of vacancy!

Occupied Risks

We write over 700 ISO classes of business, whether owner or tenant occupied. Our eligibility includes new ventures and mixed occupancies.

Commercial Umbrella and Excess Liability

Do your insureds need higher limits? We also have the ability to consider commercial umbrella or excess liability over carriers rated B++ or better.