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 It is Event Season! 

We have all gotten those panicked calls from customers regarding an event that is happening tomorrow and no one told them they need insurance.  Grand General can help. We have 3 ways that you can quote and issue a Special Events Policy in just minutes.

                         24x7x365  USLI   Instant Rater – Answer just a few                                  and quote and bind instantly.  Click HERE

M-F  7 AM – 8 PM (ET) and Saturdays 9 AM – 1 PM   

USLI instant quote hotline.  1-888-875-5230

 M-Th 8:30 AM – 6 PM (ET) and Friday 8:30 – 5

  The Helpful People at Grand General.  1-800-869-2022

 Special Events coverage has never been quicker or easier.  Quote one today!

Get a 5-minute phone quote through the USLI Hotline!

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