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Grand General Agency

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Call Grand General (And Your Dad)

You have a deadline because you have a client who needs something done yesterday. It's urgent and you want to Ask Grand General. You have a holiday coming up and you should make a call. You should! Make that call.

In our digital age, many of us are far more comfortable typing than making a call - even if that is not the case, we are multi-taskers and typing can often be done while on the phone or with multiple screens open. But if you have a deadline this may not be your best form of communication. The majority of people have email inboxes that have unread or glanced at and saved emails. Often those untouched emails number in the double digits. And if you send a fax, sometimes they sit in a queue of other documents for quite some time.

Here's the thing: We really like email, and faxes are nice too. But when time is of the essence and you know your request is last minute or has a pretty severe time crunch, we'll have a greater chance of being able to help you if you give us a call. Our underwriters are available to help you in those time crunch situations and are far more able to move you to the front of the line with a phone call. When your email sits in an inbox, even if you capitalized "URGENT" in the subject line, it still could be in a box of double-digit emails waiting on a response - and more than a few may say "URGENT".

Send the email or fax if you feel you can better explain something in writing, but follow-up immediately with a phone call. Dial (800)869-2022 and talk to one of our helpful and knowledgeable underwriters who understand deadlines and emergencies, and we both will have a better chance of having a favorable result...and call your dad.

We Write Island Homes

The Great Lakes region is blessed with numerous water resources, both large and small. Numerous people love access to these beautiful locations, so it's not unusual to find that many have built either primary or seasonal homes on islands. While most are connected to the mainland by a bridge, some are not. Most insurance companies avoid these homes because a fire department is not capable of reaching the home.

We do have a solution for island homes with no road access.  American Modern covers them on their dwelling fire program. Both DP1 and DP3 coverage forms are available for seasonal and rental policies, and DP1 is even available for owner occupied situations. Other, standard underwriting rules would apply. Quotes can be done online, by sending us a quote request form, or by giving us a call. We are also here to answer any questions you may have about the product.

We Write Manufactured Homes - Even With Wood Burning Stoves

The market is full of homeowner's carriers that aren't fully committed to the manufactured home space. First they'll write them, then they won't. Older homes are acceptable for a while, and then they aren't. Some have even placed them on a standard HO3 policy, and eventually found that was not wise.

We can even write homes with wood burning stoves. If the wood burning stove was installed by the manufacturer or licensed contractor, no photos or supplements are required!

We work with carriers that are dedicated to the manufactured home market. They were some of the first players and are still going strong! Their specialized coverages are what your clients need. End the cycle of rewriting policies by placing manufactured homes with a carrier that understands what they are and what coverages they need.

Call us for a quote today! 800-869-2022