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Snow Removal Contractors General Liability

Eligible Operations:

  • Office Complexes
  • Schools
  • Residential
  • Convenience stores
  • Small retail stores
  • Strip malls under 25 Units
  • Condos or townhomes HOAs
  • Motels or hotels
  • Private streets/roads
  • Sub‐arterial roads/streets/alleyways/cul‐de‐sacs
  • Industrial or warehouse complexes
  • Small freestanding businesses of a nature not listed in the ineligible section

Ineligible Operations:  

  • Interstate, expressway, freeway, state highway, “main” street
  • Big box stores- Large Grocery Stores, etc.
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums
  • Assisted living facilities/nursing homes
  • Railroad exposure
  • Airport tarmac/runways
  • Snow removal from roofs

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USLI Instant Quote Hotline – 1-888-875-5230 M-F 7AM- 8PM (ET) & Saturdays 9AM-1PM
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The Helpful People at Grand General – 1-800-869-2022 M-TH 8:30AM – 6PM (ET), Friday 8:30AM – 5PM

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