Agency History

Grand General Agency is an insurance wholesaler located in Jenison, Michigan, that has been providing helpful service to the Great Lakes region for over 25 years.  Formed as an affiliate of a financial services company in 1987, Grand General originally offered only flood and manufactured home insurance products.  In June of 1997, two of the founders, Richard Salzwedel and Roger Roode, purchased the agency and it has been independently owned ever since.

Grand General’s initial product offerings were few, but as the company, and our customers’ needs grew, more product lines were added.  The past decade has seen substantial growth in the number of products offered and companies/carriers we work with, as well as in the size of our team.

Ongoing conversations with our sub-producers, who continually expressed a need, galvanized our commitment to service, as defined by our Vision and Mission statements.  This resulted in the adoption of our motto “The Helpful People” – a phrase used to describe our team by an agent who works with us.  Our motto, in turn, resulted in the creation and evolution of our website, which we continue to make as informative and user-friendly as possible.

As we move forward, we do so with your needs and desires in mind.  We always welcome suggestions for new products, solutions and services that will allow you, the independent agent, to write more business, by whatever method you choose to use.  Be sure to let us know how we can be “The Helpful People” to you and your team!

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