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Dwelling Fire - Yes, We Can

Yes, we can write a seasonal home with no central heat; a rental with a wood stove; short-term rentals; a stand-alone pole barn; a home with peeling paint; scheduled rental properties; rental properties in the name of an LLC; tiny homes; a $15,000 rental; a $1,000,000 seasonal home; replacement cost on seasonal homes; ACV coverage on a DP-3 policy form; coverage for a yurt; a DP-3 at replacement cost with a vacancy permission endorsement; dwellings in the name of a trust; owner occupied dwelling fire policies; stand-alone docks; a boat house; floating homes; homes with prior losses; straw bale homes; vacant homes; row homes; town homes; apartments above a commercial entity.

Can you write all of these? OF COURSE YOU CAN! Through us! Gives a call today 800-869-2022.