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Tips to Avoid Water Damage in Warm Weather

High value homes aren't the only ones susceptible to water damage claims, so we thought we'd share this information provided by Chubb.  Feel free to share it with all of your clients.

During the warmer months, you may not think water damage could be an issue. But water leaks and other plumbing problems can happen at any time. Preventing issues from happening in the first place, is much better than dealing with a claim afterwards. With these simple, proactive steps, you can minimize the potential for water damage and keep your home protected.

  1. Install an automatic water shut-off device in your home that automatically shuts off the water when a leak is detected.
  2. Inspect your hose connections and water supply lines. Replace any that show signs of excessive wear and tear, corrosion, or bulging.
  3. Have your fire sprinkler system inspected and tested annually.
  4. Inspect and perform regular maintenance on major systems: water heater, HVAC system, generator, sump pump, roofing.
  5. Inspect and perform regular maintenance on appliances: dishwashers, washing machines, ice makers, refrigerators.