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Are Your Clients Entrepreneurs?

If so, they might need a Home Based Business policy.  Did you know that two out of every three people who run a business or hobby out of the home do NOT have adequate insurance?  Most homeowners policies are not designed to cover losses from the business.

Consider the following that may not be covered by a homeowners policy:

A DJ at a birthday party has $4,500 of sound equipment stolen.

A representative for Pampered Chef has $2,700 of inventory in their home. The inventory is destroyed when a fire damages the home.

A teacher tutors children in math throughout the year. A student trips and falls at the teacher’s home resulting in injuries. The parents sue the teacher for $42,000.

A person sells crafts at regional craft shows throughout the year. An attendee slips over the display and falls into the neighboring booth. The attendee has $10,000 in injuries and the person in the next booth has $3,500 in damaged inventory.

A fire occurs at your home and damages your $7,500 LuLaRoe inventory. Your homeowners policy will exclude coverage because the inventory is business personal property, but we can provide up to $100,000 for on-premises business personal property.

A Home Based Business policy can provide the right coverage. With average rates of $300, your clients cannot afford not to insure their businesses!