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Flood Does Not Need to Be Scary!

At Grand General we can cover your insured for all their flood needs. No matter where a home or commercial building is, flood coverage will be available and we will be able to place coverage on it.

We have the standard NFIP flood policy through the write-your-own program with Selective Insurance Company. This is the government backed flood insurance policy that covers the majority of bank required flood policies. Coverage comes in increments of $1,000 up to $250,000 for residential and up to $500,000 for commercial risks.

Sometimes communities either do not participate in the NFIP or they are suspended. In these cases, we have a surplus lines flood product with SWBC that allows us to cover those risks at the same coverage amounts listed above.

Private flood insurance is a new and sometimes money saving option. We have partnered with a carrier to offer these policies when available. The coverage options and pricing are worth a look!

Finally we have an excess market that allows coverage over the maximum amounts offered by the NFIP. This excess market is also surplus lines and with SWBC.

We have agents here standing by to help you with flood, please don't hesitate to give the personal lines team a call at 800-869-2022.