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Ah the Springtime Sound of Hammers and Nail Guns...

If you live in a climate where you've been eagerly awaiting a spring thaw, you know that after the sound of returning birds comes the sound of returning construction. With the thud of hammers and whir of saws, comes the need for builder's risk insurance and some of your clients may be contacting you about their latest project.

This unique form of insurance covers a building or area that is in process of construction. Builder's Risk is not limited to the structure being constructed, but the materials that may be awaiting use, vandalism, and a host of other potential loss events. While the cost of this coverage may add a little bit to a project's cost, the cost of not having the coverage when it's really needed will far exceed the expense of the policy.

So as construction season swings into high gear, consider the contractor contacting you and help them protect both their reputation as well as their balance sheet and don't forget the builder's risk. Ask Grand General - we'd be happy to help you find the perfect fit builder's risk policy.