Our Vision, Mission and Core Values


To be a place where everyone’s expectations are exceeded.


To be a bridge for insurance products and services, connecting insureds, agents and carriers in a mutually beneficial relationship. We help build value through the strength of our customer’s satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results.

Core Values

We are Honest. We believe in being honest in all of our dealings. This includes among our team, with customers, with suppliers and anyone else with whom we have contact. This goes beyond just saying the exact truth, it is how we operate in all we do.

We are Respectful.  We believe in the inherent value of a person. We show respect by truly listening when others talk, as everyone deserves to be heard. Respect also means noticing and responding to the needs of others. This is achieved through charitable giving, volunteer work projects or as simply as asking (and truly caring) “How are you?”

We are Teachable. We don’t know everything and don’t act like we do. We are open to suggestions from anyone, as everyone has something to share. We constantly seek new knowledge and look for better ways to do what we do.

We are Responsible. We believe that it is important to always do our best. We try to do everything correctly, but we do sometimes miss the mark. When we do that, we take ownership of the error, learn from it and fix it to the best of our abilities.

We believe that a successful Relationship is built on mutual success. We work to understand the wants and needs of our business partners so that we can anticipate and build mutually beneficial outcomes.

We Support individuals and organizations. Just as we believe we have things to learn, we also have things to teach and share. We provide emotional, physical and financial support to others as the needs arise and as we are able.

We are Optimistic. We believe that every cloud has a silver lining  and every problem or mistake is an opportunity. We face trials with courage and perseverance knowing that we strive to meet any challenge and improve through the struggle. We also realize that we as a company and as individuals we are very blessed, and we’re thankful.

We like to Have Fun! We believe in maintaining a balance between work and home, fun and focus, drive and play. We know that as individuals we have no lesser or greater value than anyone else, so we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We believe we can have fun while working!

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